MFD Gas Meter counters

Gas Meter Counter NP
(magnet and silver tag included)

Best Price and Best Quality in the world

Highest accuracy: ±0,5% across full flow rate range
Calibration traceable to the German National Primary Standard (PTB)
Measurement of all gases and gas mixtures with equal accuracy
Use with extremely corrosive and inert gases
Lowest measurable flow rates
Largest selection of measuring ranges

Lowest price between gas meter counters in the world.

Gas Meter Counter with Safety Shell

(magnet and silver tag included)

MFD gas meter counters impress by the solid processing of high-quality materials
combined with a large number of technical details. In the manufacturing
process we purely use materials of the highest quality that meet the
requirements for product lifetime, security and technical precision.

Spare Parts

This part is usefull for some counter factories that want to repair old gas meter counters.
To buy please send an email.

High quality and superior service and less lead time

Best Price

We guarantee that our price is the best in the world and no hidden costs will be charged to you. The only extra cost will be the shipping cost from Oman (factory) to the destination.

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Fair Prices, Guaranteed
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