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Gas measurement and calibration

Meter Management Measurement is a means for quantitatively displaying the status and phenomena of all objects, and is related to science, industry, and general public life in general. It is very important to ensure the reliability of the measurement results . Precise and accurate measurement at the enterprise location enables efficient quality control of the advanced new product development and manufacturing process, guarantees the reliability of companies and products, and ensures conformity required by various regulations, while inaccurate measurement can produce defective products and frequent frequent use of various devices. It may cause failure and insufficient safety. In order to increase the effectiveness of corporate activities, the act of measurement is indispensable, and in order to do this , maintenance of the measuring device must always be performed properly. By properly maintaining the meter, it can gain the trust of users and lead to the development of the company. Meter calibration The measuring instrument is widely used from R & D to manufacturing and inspection, and it is important to maintain it so that it can exhibit the same function and performance regardless of when, where, and who uses it. In general, the precision of the production line and test inspection equipment can be changed due to various factors such as the number of uses, the usage environment, and the endurance, so it should be checked regularly and managed through periodic calibration . The result of calibration (calibration value, measurement uncertainty, etc.) is an important criterion for determining whether to use the measuring instrument and whether the product passes or not , and the industry guarantees the homogeneity and performance of the product in the manufacturing process through calibration, and is calculated in tests and inspections. By guaranteeing the reliability of the measurement result, it is possible to guarantee the performance of the product and secure external reliability of the measurement result. At this time, calibration refers to the periodic comparison with the upper standards to maintain the accuracy of the measuring instrument. It must be connected to the national measurement standards to ensure the traceability of the measurement. Article 14 of the Framework Act on National Standards (Establishment of National Calibration System) ① The government should establish a national calibration system to improve the traceability between national measurement standards and measuring instruments used in all areas of the national society. ② The government should endeavor to supply periodic calibration and advanced measurement science and technology to all measurement sites including small and medium-sized enterprises through a nationwide calibration network. Traceability of measurement The term "traceability" is a system for continuously comparing and correcting the results measured in research and development, industrial production, and test and inspection sites so as to be consistent with national or international measurement standards within the range of specified indeterminate degrees. Says The NIST Handbook 150 of the United States also defines the traceability of measuring equipment as "documented comparison links that link the accuracy of measuring equipment to other measuring equipment with higher accuracy and ultimately to the primary standard." . Establishing a traceability system of measurement means that measurement standards are established, maintained, and distributed to each level between countries, countries and companies, companies, and sectors within a company, guaranteeing measurement accuracy to the lower level of the company. Will be. Meter check In order to maintain the precision of the measuring instrument, it is very important not only to perform periodic calibration, but also to continuously meet the metrological requirements through routine inspection. Frequently, through inspection of the measuring instrument, it is necessary to find out whether the measuring instrument has an abnormality to improve the problem and secure the reliability of the measured value. Visual condition check, operating condition check, zero adjustment, precision accuracy check, working environment, etc.

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