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Turbine Gas Flow Meters : Flanged

Turbine Gas Flow Meters :: MID/OIML approved for Custody Transfer in Commercial applications.

The MTM turbine gas meter is designed for custody transfer applications. It is a high accuracy MID approved gas meter manufactured to meet the EC regulations and OIML recommendations. The MTM turbine has an integrated flow conditioner reducing the requirements for straight runs of pipe, whilst the high precision and accurate tolerances of the internal parts result in low pressure losses. • Fitted with low frequency pulse output as standard • Flanged PN16 connections or ANSI 150 • Aluminium, Cast Iron or Carbon Steel, suitable for natural gas and LPG -25 to 55C • Inline turbine gas meters ,Pressure class PN 10 to PN 100 and ANSI Class 150, 300 and 600 • For horizontal or vertical pipelines with straight inlet pipe ≥ 2DN and outlet pipe ≥ 1 DN • Permanent lubrication of ball bearings up to 16 bar and DN 50 - DN 150 as standard, • Rangeability 1:20, Meters read in cubic metres, index can be head rotated through 360 deg

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